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Our Sustainability Pillars

the empathy

as a manufacturer with over 25 years of global trading experience we have the advantage of owning a large portion of our worldwide supply chain. that means better visibility on sourcing components and direct influence on promoting employee-centric working conditions. it makes us more accountable for upholding higher ethical standards through every phase of production while treading as lightly as possible on the planet. we don’t claim to be faultless but we’re working hard at it every single day.

for example… all packaging is made with recycled materials. the foam and board, the duster bag, the cardboard for box interiors, the acrylic branded top, velvet inserts. all papers are FSC certified and all shipping materials can be recycled. our factory in china has recycled claims standard certification. which means a minimum of 5% recycled materials in production. not enough, maybe, but a step in the right direction. a state-of-the-art filtration system ensures waste water is treated to remove heavy metals and other harmful materials can be reused. social and environmental audits are carried out every year by independent agencies such as bureau veritas and intertek

the intent

clearly, more can be done. more will be done.

we’ll be honest and open about our path towards greater eco and social responsibility.

challenge us. hold us accountable. share your concerns. inspire us with ideas. we need your eyes on this, not just ryenn’s